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Preparing your car for sale



How to prepare cars for sale Queensland areas

Whether you have cars for sale in Cairns, Toowoomba or cars for sale on the sunshine coast, you need to prepare them for sale. It does take time and effort this is crucial to get the best price for the vehicle. Remember, first impressions count.

Here are some tips to get your car into top condition to give buyers a good impression.

Detail the vehicle

This may be stating the obvious but clean the vehicle until it is spotless inside and out. Get all your cleaning products out and start with the outside. Remove the dirt from the paintwork. Clean the windows until they sparkle and do not forget the trim, tyre rims, door jambs and mirrors. Then give it a cut and polish so it really shines.

Under the hood use degreaser to clean the engine. It removes the grease and dirt and leaves the engine looking like new.

And, if you do not have the time or energy, consider spending a few hundred dollars to have your car professionally detailed.


Clean the interior

First clean out the interior of any rubbish and all your personal possessions. And do not forget the boot. There is nothing that will put a potential buyer off more than an interior that is dirty and has a stale smell. It tells them you do not care about the condition of the car you are selling.

Take out the floor mats and remove any seat covers and give the inside of the car a good vacuum. And do not forget to vacuum the mats or under the seats. You never know what is hiding there.

Next clean the seats and spot clean any stains on material seats and if you have leather seats, clean them using a leather cleaner.

Now clean the door trims, dashboard and any consoles using warm water and a microfibre cloth. Use something like Armor All to bring the plastic to as new condition.

And do not forget to clean the inside of the windows of all dirt and grime.

Do this before you put it on the market as it takes time for it to start smelling fresh and clean.

To repair or not repair

Where there is minor damage to the vehicle, you need to make a decision whether repairing it is worth it or not. Take it to a professional body shop and ask their opinion and a quote for the work.

It is also worth having the vehicle serviced so it is not something the new owner needs to do. Also consider having it checked over by the RACQ as it may give potential buyers more confidence in the vehicle you have for sale.

Have the paperwork up-to-date

Make sure you have a safety certificate from an approved inspection station and make it available on request from a potential buyer and display it in all advertising. You can receive a fine if you do not have one when selling a registered vehicle.

Other paperwork you need includes:

·         An up-to-date service history.

·         Logbooks for the vehicle and its manuals.

·         Vehicle registration papers in your name to prove you can legally sell it.

·         Make sure any loans on the vehicle are paid in full. If not, you will need to pay the balance after you sell it.

Setting the price

How you price your car can be the difference between getting a lot of interest or none at all. Do your research online and local newspapers to find out what similar vehicles are selling for. Use the RACQ price guide to assist you in setting a price.

When you have cars for sale Mackay and other Queensland areas, use these tips to help you sell your vehicle successfully.

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