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Cars for sale on Gumtree – tips for buyers and sellers

While Gumtree is a good place to find your new vehicle, it does not offer any protection to buyers and sellers. This means you need to be careful when using this median when buying and selling cars.

Here are some tips for sellers and buyers advertising or looking for cars for sale on Gumtree.

Tips for sellers

When advertising a vehicle on Gumtree, keep the following tips in mind:

·         Research to find the market price. It is important to spend time to researching market prices for your car’s make model, condition and kilometres on the clock. This will help you to set a fair price to sell it.

·         Write an accurate, honest description. Make sure you write a comprehensive description of the vehicle you have for sale and be honest about its condition. Include any features such as a towbar, in car GPS, Bluetooth connectivity and parking sensors. Also make sure to add some good photos of the outside and interior so potential buyers can see your vehicle. Make sure the photos are good quality and add photos of any defects so people can make a decision about whether this puts them off or not. There is no point hiding these as they will find out soon enough and can be upset at you for wasting their time when they come to see your vehicle. The better your description and photos, the more potential buyers your ad will attract.

·         Get a CarRecord Report. Get a CarRecord Report and add it to your vehicle listing. It only costs you $19. All you need is the vehicle identification number (VIN). It gives you:

·         the value of the vehicle

·         a PPSR Certificate

·         engine information

·         odometer comparison

·         results of a stolen vehicle check

·         the results of an encumbrance check to ensure you can sell it with a clear title

·         safety and environmental ratings.

·         Manage your ad. Make sure you manage your ad and respond quickly to all enquiries. Even download the Gumtree app to your phone so you can manage responses wherever you are.

·         Allow test drives. It is important to allow potential buyers to test drive your vehicle so you need to meet up with them. Always go on the test drive with the buyer and make sure you get a copy of their licence before letting them behind the wheel. Have the paperwork with you and take someone for moral support. Also make sure you are paid in person or use PayPal for amounts up to $10,000.

Tips for buyers

When looking at cars for sale on Gumtree, keep the following tips in mind:

·         Research the vehicles that interest you. It is important to research the vehicles that interest so you understand what they are worth. This will help you make a decision and to get a good deal on your next vehicle.

·         Always ask questions. Do not be afraid of asking questions when you contact the seller. But do read the ad carefully as the answers may already be there. And if the vehicle you want to buy a vehicle that does not have a CarRecord, you can buy one for $19 which will give you a full report on the car’s history.

·         Negotiate the price. Most sellers load the price of the vehicle so there is room to negotiate the price. So do not be afraid of offering what you think the vehicle is worth to negotiate a better deal.

·         Meet the seller. Meet the seller to look the car over and take it for a test drive. Always check out the paperwork and it can pay to meet at a mechanics for a pre purchase report. And be prepared to pay for the vehicle in person. Even meet the seller at your bank to arrange direct payment. This will help the deal close quicker and you will soon be driving away in your new car.

·         Use commonsense. Although this may be stating the obvious, use commonsense. If something seems to good to be true then it usually is. Stay safe and take someone with you when meeting with the seller.

Keep these tips in mind when selling or buying a car for sale in Gumtree and you will have success.

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