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Cars For Sale Darwin


Cars for sale Darwin – what you need to know

Are you looking for cars for sale Darwin areas from a used car dealer? Before you check them out here are some things to keep in mind when you are looking for a new used vehicle.

Before you start looking

Before you start looking for your new used vehicle:

·         Set a budget. How much can you comfortably afford?

·         Decide the type of vehicle that suits you and your family.

·         Check used car advertisements to get an idea of how much the vehicles that interest you are worth. You can also check out Red Book to compare the value of different vehicles and what they are selling for.

·         Go to as many car yards as you can to compare their prices with each other.

Car dealers need a license

All car dealers in Darwin must have a license to sell used cars to the public. They should display their license number in a place that it is easy for you to see at their premises on their advertisements when selling online.

Buying from a used car dealer may be more expensive than buying privately, but you have more protection under the law. When looking at cars for sale Darwin areas from a dealer and you decide to do a deal, you get a:

·         Warranty if the car is not older than 10 years old and has done no more than 160,000 km. The dealer must provide a 5000 km statutory warranty or a three month mandatory warranty.

·         Vehicle with a clear title. This protects you against buying a stolen car or having it repossessed if there is still money owed on the car by a previous owner to a finance company.

Keep in mind, if a car has done more than 160,000 km and has been on the road for more than 10 years, it does not come with any sort of warranty. But it must be roadworthy when sold with registration.

Paying a holding deposit

There is no cooling off period in the Northern Territory so make sure you know this is the car for you before signing a contract or put down a deposit.

It is always better to organise your own finance before you go looking at cars for sale. But you may need to pay a holding deposit while waiting for loan approval or if you want to check the car out using an independent mechanic.

Only pay the minimum amount as a deposit. Also make sure you get a receipt that says it is refundable pending it is mechanically sound or loan approval.

Be wary signing your rights away

Sometimes a used car salesperson will offer a lower price on a vehicle if you waive the statutory warranty. But beware. This can buy you a whole lot of trouble down the track.

A dealer has to comply with a statutory warranty unless you sign your rights away on a form 12. By signing this form you sign your rights away and if the vehicle breaks down or something stops working you will have to fix it yourself.

Also, your signature must be witnessed and read to you by an authorised officer of Northern Territory Consumer Affairs or a police officer.

Buying an extended warranty

A used car dealer may offer to sell you an extended warranty which means your car is covered under warranty for longer than a statutory warranty. Before agreeing to an extended warranty make sure you read what the warranty covers. These warranties can be restrictive so you need to know what they cover under what conditions.

Keep this information in mind when looking for cars for sale Darwin areas and you should soon be on the road in your new vehicle.  

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